May 25, 2009

The Burning Girl

Down lived a girl in the streets,
young, beautiful, jolly and kind.
She loved to gossip all the time.
Eve she used to hang out with friends,
towards the shop through the narrow lane.
But now her exam's moving on,
and she missed the gossips going around.
Days passed and her exam's over,
now she came out of the cover.
Laughing, smiling she passed her days,
she was happy, she was gay.
Crossed few months,
it's time for results,
her heart's beating,
faster and faster.
Finally the day of the result came by,
she went her school wishing for the sky.
Her family, her friends waiting home,
hoping to see something not wrong.
Hours past and she came home crying,
without speaking a word she ran to her room.
Her mom not scold, to heal her pain,
she was their sole, she was the main.
She stood speechless without a noise,
a child playing outside recognise,
that some smokey smell spread around.
Up he looked and saw a huge cloudy black smoke,
which made the hearts of the people stroke.
That's the fire coming from her room,
the door from inside was locked,
and she couldn't be seen,
minutes past and people broke the door,
and she was wrapped with fire to the core.
Her satin dress was stucked to her body,
her face and corpse burnt like nobody.
She burnt herself with the agony,
that she could not pass but fail,
this is not a fiction based from book,
but a real tale.

(Based on a true story from my hometown)

Copyright (C) 2009
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