May 23, 2009

The day of the Bomb Blast...

A day in my hometown,
when the city was full of chaos,
people busy in their lives,
children playing in the street,
a sudden blast I hear,
which rocked me terribly,
my town was filled with hubbub,
when I was on the market.
People who were targeted,
were covered with blood.
Blood..blood..and blood all over,
wherever I see.
Children innocent were killed,
vehicles were smashed,
bodies lying all over,
painted with colour red.
Women returning from market,
spread their bags around,
their corpse one over another,
faces are fully burned.
Ambulances running all over,
carrying the injured ones,
children crying aloud,
whose parents are lifeless.
A day unforgettable,
wish not to arrive again,
for all those who are sinners,
shall never be forgiven.

Copyright (C) 2009
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