May 22, 2009

A Dream Terrified

A dream terrified,
have lost my sleep at night,
don't know the reason why,
it has captured my sight.
Dream about a little child,
who has lost his family,
he's all alone now,
crying bitterly.
His family in bloodshed,
lost life in a fight,
fight with a terrorist,
who destoyed them within a night.
The child can't speak,
but he calls me,
to provide him shelter,
helpless is he.
I try to run at his call,
but still cannot,
don't know what is stopping me,
I try to give it a thought.
While he cries,
blood falls from his eyes,
eyes that are innocent,
and my dream away it flies.
Flies away with the night,
and I wake up in a mood terrified,
thinking was this fact or not,
thinking of the family that died.

Copyright (C) 2009
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