May 20, 2009

A Lonely Night

A lonely night it was,
I stepped towards the balcony.
Felt the breeze crossing my face,
a dry leaf flew and hit me.
It was a chilling night,
I went near the fire downsteps,
the door opens and shuts down,
I was alone in my habitat.
The wind was blowing outside,
and my heart inside startling,
I stepped to my bed,
and started counting.
Counting for the night to pass,
counting for the dawn to come,
sleep somwhere flied away,
ill thoughts in my mind they run.
The sudden knock of the door I heard,
that scared me in a horrible way.
Thinking shall go or not go,
I finally stepped up guessing you are there.
I ran downsteps,
and reached near the door.
Courageously opened it anyway,
and saw u standing on the floor.
I hugged you tightly,
and you gave me a kiss.
so frightened I was,
I founded in you bliss.

Copyright (C) 2009
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