June 22, 2009

Screams Unheard

The darkest days of my life,
when time was a hurdle,
everything seemed shattered,
for the torture you've done to me.
Being abused by your lust,
never had the thought,
of who I am to you,
you quenched your vulgar thirst,
again and again.
I cried, I screamed,
loud and aloud,
but you turned your ear deaf,
until the time the results came out.
I conceived, faced miscarriage,
again conceived by your absurd desires,
still you showed no pity on me.
Never came upto the thought,
that I'm your daughter,
and how unfortunate I am,
that you're my bloody father!!
Now time passed by,
and a verdict would be taken,
you'll be behind the bars,
and suffer till your death.

(Based on a true story.)
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