June 27, 2009

"Sometimes"...confessions of true love

I know I'm being rude,
my words pinch like a needle,
in a heart tender and soft,
for some words of yours' strike me,
breaking out my expectations,
I've been longing with.

I know my words,
have hurt your feelings a while,
for my anger ruled me then,
which make me bitterly cry.

you act without thinking of me,
of what I shall feel,
your stupid actions,
makes me feel offended,
and makes me break over you.

you misunderstand my love,
I've buried inside my sole heart,
for I lack to show it to you,
and you think my love's no more.

Apologize I, for the needles I scattered,
in your heart that's with me,
but it hurt me for sure,
for it's inside me.
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