November 9, 2009

Another day

It's another day out here,
and I woke up with the scream of the alarm,
my eyes blinking, it's quite sleepy still,
forcibly opened it see the morning sun.
Picked up my cell phone,
no new messages, 2 missed calls,
opened it up, the same idiot Jimmy,
and my day will be ruined all.
Kept it beside, got up of the bed, placed the slippers on foot,
eyes still half opened, stepped towards the mirror,
hair messed up, eyes swollen,
picked up the brush, started working harder.
Proceeded towards the door,
the newspaper placed on the ground,
picked it up to freshen up the mind,
the same old stories are put out.
Folded it up and flung towards the bed,
what now? Lets switch on the television!
a few music channels to brighten up the soul,
the dance numbers and my aerobics are turned on.
Stepped towards the kitchen door,
Oh! no ready stuffs to eat,
picked up the packed noodles with some chopped onions and eggs,
boiled and fried, still dancing with the music beats.
Served hot to myself,
again near the television switching the programs,
stopped by Nat Geo,
some monkeys seemed playing drums.
A few minutes with laughter,
then a call on my cell phone,
Eeeegghhh!! Jimmy calling,
picked it up, said "Hello" in a low tone.
"What's up?" said he, sounds quite excited,
"Doing well", said I, then he forwarded a plan,
wants to meet me at the evening hours,
I said I got some work, he said he'll join me,
and I lost my mental power.
My evening will be ruined, thought I,
and switched off my cell,
went inside to freshen up,
and someone rang the door bell.
The postman's here, some letter for me,
signed it and received, opened it carefully.
Letter from the company I last applied,
written, "You have been appointed for the job",
and I jumped with glee,
reached for my cell phone,
switched it on, and called up my Daddy.
As I uttered "I have been assigned",
he sang up merrily, lots of talks we had,
and we ended up with hugs,
that was never too bad.
Call ended and I moved to change with some good attire,
opened the wardrobe and picked up my favorite,
closed it and followed again towards the mirror.
It's my day, I thought, changing my looks on the other hand,
went inside and got myself transformed,
picked up the bag and locked the door,
ready to catch the cab.
Got the cab and rushed to the coffee shop,
sat on an empty table, ordered a cup of cappuccino,
heard a voice from behind, someone calling me out,
No way!! That's Jimmy rushing towards me,
"How come you are here?" I said,
without greeting him Hi or Hello,
he was along with his girlfriend,
and I told him about my new job.
He was chucking like a stupid fellow,
and I finished my cappuccino on the other hand,
"Gotta go!", said I, and got out of that hollow.
Rushed towards the market,
some household stuffs,
and ready made foods for home,
paid the bill, got a cab,
reached home late sundown.
Feeling so tired, the next day new job,
got to sleep early,
the new dawn is there tomorrow,
waiting for the enthusiastic me.

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