November 7, 2009

I remember....

It's been 10 yrs.,
when I last saw your face,
when you looked into my eyes,
the reflection of your face made me look more younger.
The melody of your words,
still ring in my ears,
when you used to say, "You mean to me a lot",
I looked down, feeling so shy,
and my eyes were filled with tears.
We used to walk hand in hand,
enjoying the silent song of the breeze,
you used to caress my hair and take me in your embrace.
Remember our first kiss,
we had in the empty terrace,
the world felt so fresh and new,
the best thing that ever happened.
The songs that you used to sing for me,
I still remember it's lyrics,
feels like you are still here,
watching me thinking of you.
And now that 10 yrs. are passed,
I feel like decades passed away,
when I last saw your face,
so pale, so faded,
and they took you away from me.
I screamed, I wept, but you didn't come back.
I still remember....
I still cry... for that love still exist... without you.
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