November 6, 2009

Hope is what we live with...

She was wearing a white beautiful gown, designed with orchids, her lips are pale and skin so dry, placed inside the coffin. …. and her lover bowed down near her, and spoke with a trembling low voice,

“See I am wearing your favorite suit, honey.
Won’t you have a dance with me now?
You asked me to try quit smoking,
see I finally gave it up.
The roses that you planted in my garden, have grown up so beautiful like you.
Won’t you see them once?”

While saying these a drop of tear from his eyes fell down on her dry cheeks moving down towards her neck, where he found a letter written by her, which says,
“Dear Mark,

    I know you have a depth of pain within you, but this is not the end of your world. I have gone away from you physically, but will always be beside you…. wherever you go, whatever you do. I’ll be there as your shining luck, as your armour, as your well- wisher, so never do think I am far away from you.
    I will dance with you when you are happy, I will see the roses that you are taking care of as you used to take care of me. I am with you…. within you.

                                           Yours’ forever,

Reading this letter, his eyes are filled with tears along with a hope awakened inside him…. a hope to move forward in life, a hope to dream high, a hope to reach his destiny.

*** Life never ends with anything, it keeps moving on, so never lose hope for your loved ones are always with you.***

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