November 7, 2009

Without you....

I believed, when you used to say,
"I will love you forever,"
for I felt an honesty, a sincerity,
in the words you uttered.
The letters you used to send me,
I believed, what you write, you mean it,
for I never saw you fail.
We used to talk, long long hours,
without bothering about my phone bills.
When my father slapped me,
after finding your letters,
I didn't waste a single drop of tear.
I knew you would come one day,
and take me away,
away from this hurdles,
away to my paradise,
and it's you.
When I was sitting in my bridal form,
I knew that you would come,
and I would run away with you.
Moments passed,
and then hours,
my eyes were thirsty to see you,
but you never came..
and I kept waiting... and waiting..
And today when I saw you,
in the cafe, biting sandwiches,
with your newly married,
I didn't feel a pinch of you,
missing in me anymore...
guess that's the reason why,
I feel so delighted today,
that you are no more in me....
no more in me....
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