January 8, 2010

Broken Promises

I sit silently thinking of you
the day you left my hands apart
pushing me into the arms of the dark
my eyes exhausted of showering tears
dried up like an isolated desert
remembering the promises you made
broken on the autumn of 2008
I wanted not to express my love
still you convinced me with your charming words
falling on your knees you conveyed,
"I need you. Will you be my lifetime date?"
The coyness that made my cheeks blushed out
You understood the meaning they spoke aloud
Tears of happiness filled my heart
Moments will convert I was not alert
The hour you gave me the break up news
my heart wrenched within a second few
I wanted to quit
I wanted to die
I wanted myself to be hanged alive.
The thought of you with else another
killed my heart, I was left shattered
For I was a toy, just play and break
but I loved one, no second take
When the thought real stroked my mind
Why die for a fraud who again and again lied?
I bled my heart with tears for you
won't quit my life but start a new
Wiping away your thoughts from heart
Giving myself a brand new birth...
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