January 17, 2010

Cop in flames

Within a second the fire took place
that's what happening in the human race
victim came to be the poor cop
burning into the flame on the road top
coward ministers kept watching him
without any help, their eyes on him
he screamed, he cried in a terrible way
still turned their eyes blind on his body laid
slowly his skin turned dark in the ablaze
burnt on skins, clothes and in his face
stood ministers standing in the position same
like dumb and helpless as if a lame
long speeches but lack of humanity
crossed the extreme level of insanity.

*** Based on the recent incident that took place in Tamil Nadu, where the ministers stood and kept watching when sub Inspector Vetrivel was bleeding to death. They did not even try to take him to the hospital neither bothered to call a vehicle to provide him help. Just stood like helpless and kept watching him die. Rather they crossed the limits of an inhumane. Though it was not a blast in real I composed this poem on a different theme.
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