January 6, 2010

A new journey...

a new journey towards the moon
hope to return with a new grade soon
along with my name printed on the sands of time
remembrance of me, like the stars I shine
praises of mine on the lips of people
glitter in thoughts like glowing ripples
incomplete dreams ready to be done
wish to touch the sky in this long run
soar up high above in the clouds
and speak up to my people aloud,
"Let me be your shining star,
Let me be your candle in the dark,
Let I be the moon in your darkest nights
Let I be your sword in this heavy fight.
Let I be the thought that'll rule your mind
Let I be the friend staying with you behind."

chances are few left in life
grab opportunities and let me strive
for the food that I need to prevent my hunger
till my last breath before I remain no longer....

"God gave us a life so that we can do something..instead of sitting idle and complaining we should try to prove ourselves with our abilities. Being popular is not to be successful but to do what we think is difficult is called Success."

~~~ Priyanka Bhowmick.
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