January 12, 2010

She: A tribute

She's the bird in the cage
wishing to fly
She's the reality of a dream
hoping to turn it right.
She's the magic of a frustrated soul
waiting to occur.
She's burning in the fire of rituals
collecting words to utter.
She's moving around in the darkness
to see a beam of light.
She's drowning in the deepest sea
trying to survive.
She's a part of the community
walking in the road forlorn.
She's suffering the deepest pains
since she was born.
She's the woman
wanting to soar high above.
To move away from bindings
yearning for love.

*** Women has gained the highest grade in the world today. Still many are there who has to kill their dreams in order to survive in this community. In some parts of the earth women are seen as inferior to males. They are not allowed to study nor to work. Just get married and serve their in-laws like a slave. This poem is dedicated to all those women whose rights have been taken away by the cruel cultures of this society.
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