July 15, 2010

Dark Love

In the empty corner,
Flashing memories in my eyes,
As love beckons,
My soul so void,
Rambling in the dark,
Incapable of recollecting,
What was love,
For it has left me so much behind.
I look for the vacant pages,
Where love has left its footprints,
Reading them I try again,
Without tears nothing else remaining.
They sigh at their existence,
As they incessantly pour,
Leaving enclosed all the doors,
Seizing away my sense.
The forlorn moments,
I find myself in its veil,
Letting me to cry and suffer,
And remember them to the depth.
Because they love watching me yell,
I could not evade from fate,
Named as ‘love’ but it’s not,
For it exhibits hell.

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