August 15, 2010

63 years of Independence

(63 years of Independent India, but are we really independent??)

63 years of Independence
still our country prevails in prudence
in the memory of the soldiers gone by
silently I remember and sigh
the blood and sweat sustained each second
Hail o lord! keep my country awakened
for we still inhabit among the terrors
sovereign India but still remains the horror
blasts, murders, rape and crime
all back stabbers, blood spoils the shrine
the British departed but terrorists supervise
hidden in the mask of diaphanous lies
holding the hands of bombs and grenades
each day, each hour the mind dwells in menace
the small child on road that cries for her mother
gone away with the smoke black a day or another
the tears those still keep pouring without an end
upon the soil of my country, my India, my land.

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