August 18, 2010

From an old chair

I am the load carrier 
they come and sit upon my lap
sometimes taking a small nap
I am the oldie Chair.
I am never emtied
for they do not leave me alone
sharing on me an ice cream cone
nor am I ever pitied.
I hate Fat Paul
who lounge upon me with his packet of chipps
farting upon my stomach so deep
his size like a huge football.
Li'l Mary plays wid me
I am her kitchen and she the chef
cooking with her hand left
and making a cup of tea.
Grandpa reads the newspaper daily
reading aloud the words, I listen
to know the regular incidents
along with her daughter Shelly.
In the sun they take me at times
family breakfast at eight
or sometimes late
may be after nine.
I am a member since 50 years
when Grandpa bought me along with his bride
in a carrier of horse ride
I have seen my family's smiles and tears.

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