August 8, 2010

Illusions of you

A fairy-tale moment..
What my eyes see, is not true..
But only, the illusions of you.
Within the midnight blues..
I talk to myself quiet and low..
Elegies of my heart and soul..
That is where I find my love so lost..
Whether my eyes open or closed..
Nothing I see but only, illusions of you.
Daylight hours, the crowded street
Your words those sounded so discreet
Inside the coffee shop I sit..
Thinking awhile of those hours and minutes..
Among all the people passing by me..
Nothing I see but only, illusions of you.
Twilight occurs, the sensation lasts..
Memoirs of my emotions past..
Haunted love, my companion must..
Where autumn and shadows make their cast..
Among them flow tears from eyes blue..
Open my eyes and find just illusions of you.
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