September 25, 2010

The last glance

The sky was saddened with a shade of ash as I bade them my last goodbye. Tears upon eyes but I am unable to shed as I preferred to be strong. The sudden flash of the memories I spent with them were captured in my eyes. A final glance at my home where I spent my most memorable times was going to be someone else’. As I gazed at the beauty of Khairi for a moment I thought, “Is this my last stay? Will my forthcoming people be as wonderful and caring as they are?” My luggages were boarded on the truck and therefore I am ready to go. Leaving behind all such remarkable people and environment which I shall never see again.
A view at Khairi (located in Himachal Pradesh) from where my room was

last moon
in the sky of Khairi
shedding tears

(My first attempt to Haibun  for Big Tent Poetry)

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