October 11, 2010

Monday's Child #16: Who wins the porridge?

Image via Monday's child

the three competitors
for who can stir the most
shall get to drink 
the supreme share of the porridge
the fattest witch wanting the credit
for she thinks herself the boss
the thin witch annoyed 
and released all the mices and bats
running all over the floor.
The dwarf feels pleasant
for he shall drink 
as the feast is the foremost
and so their witchery reigns.

And then my child asked me
"Momma, so who won the higest share?"
And therefore I replied,
"The Dwarf." My girl asked, "Why?"
"For the dwarf had no itentions.
He was enjoying with his heart,
and had no purpose of envy 
or being supreme." I replied.
Then my girl asked, "How?"
Therefore I said, "As the thin witch
released the mice and bats, 
which troubled the witch fat,
and they had a quarrel over it.
Since the dwarf was short, 
he wasn't bothered and sipped 
the porriged a bit by bit,
while the witches fought and exhausted
kept lying on the floor.
Therefore the dwarf took advantage of the fight
and sipped the porridge all alone."

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