February 25, 2011

The Unexpected

Practicing Prose- fiction: this is just a try :)

Kate suddenly got awake early morning today. Like everyday she’s always worried of waking up. Her past lingers on her every moment so she prefers to stay asleep most of the time. But lately her sleeping pills stopped working. She stood up wearily, her eyes swelling. She stepped towards the window located at the left of her room and pulled the curtain. It was raining outside. For a moment Kate kept staring out without blinking her eyes. A moment of loneliness flashed over her and her eyes turned watery. Soon she pulled back the curtain and rushed towards her bed. Memories of Stanley kept knocking her. The rain has always brought her memories of pain which turned unbearable to her.

Stanley, her love, her most intimate companion, died on the late autumn of 2005. Kate and Stanley were engaged and supposed to get married if that day Uncle Joe wouldn’t have rang up. Uncle Joe’s car had broken down that day and he called up Stanley to pick him up for the dinner. Stanley, a very polite and honest guy, picked up his Ford to abide by Uncle Joe’s words. Who knew that fate would beckon him before his fortune? Before he could reach his destination his car’s brake broke down unexpectedly and hit a truck. Blood stained Stanley could never say his last words to Kate.

Kate, who never imagined such fate in her life turned lame and wordless. Each day for her is a struggle for living. Now she breathes but her life has no reason to live.

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