March 30, 2011

Once I went to a place called Dirang

Once I went to a place called Dirang,
located at Arunachal Pradesh, very much lower to Tawang.
The roads were much narrow and steep,
on one hand the giant rocks and on the other the stream.
 The bus was jam-packed and I sat in the corner,
but the first glimpse of it made me feel  like an honor.
Green mountains stood both way and the river in between
joined by the bridge Hamilton, a beauty I’ve never seen.
The far away Gompa lights up in the dark
the chants and prayers could be heard along with the songs of lark.
A weather moderate can be walked away miles
enjoyed by the sunshine and faces full of smiles.
Memories treasured and remembered at times
a voyage unforgotten, in my heart they shine.

**To know more about the places mentioned in the poem click on its name.

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