April 13, 2011

Haiku- Senryu Series

shedding tears
the moon of Japan
their last smiles
                     -April 13
walking under the sun 
a minute later 
plum blossoms
                            -April 14

autumn wind 
even the rose 
refuses to wither
-April 15

little frog 
the snacks have ended 
please come next year
                              -April 16

empty sky
in the stars absence
moon cries
                      -April 17

watching the dark 
nothing can be seen
except hollowness
                       -April 18

ripples forming
the first drop 
of rain
-April 19

eyes staring
the darkness
         -April 20

soaking water
what else-
the soil has to do?
                    -April 21

open window
the breeze carry back
the dust in
                           -April 22

moving sun
from east to west
bored of its habit
-April 23

summer spree
glasses of lemon juice
sold on stalls
                            -April 24

frogs tired
toads asleep
no rain yet
        -April 25

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