September 28, 2011

For a Dear One

A fading glance at the times
when you held my fingers
to make me walk through-
the rhymes and patterns of alphabets,
you taught me so politely,
I repeated with a stammering tongue.
A world so unique I ever saw
in the shade of your devotion
when you made me see the different visions of life.
We played, we laughed, we cried together,
the joint that made our relation so strong.
As time passed by, you moved far away
but never made me feel
that we are miles apart.
Those fainted smiles still hover in my memories
when I passed the matriculation
the smile with tiny droplets in your eyes.
and those hands caressing my forehead
make me stronger everyday.
I remember the care you showed
while falling down the see-saw,
you wiped the dust off my elbow.
Regardless of being so tired
you solved the puzzles
just to see me smile.
is all I have acquired
in the shade of your guidance.

Still, words are very few
to express my dedication towards you
and to make you feel how much I care.
And since the day has arrived
when you were born
I could again feel
the birth of a new inspiration
gripping my soul.
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